Final Decision on Restaurant Use

On September 1, 2011, Seattle’s Department of Planning and Development (DPD) issued conditional approval for the first floor of the building VPC rents to legalize as a restaurant.

Here is the section describing the conditions VPC must meet to maintain approval. You can find the document in its entirely here.


The Administrative Conditional Use Application is conditionally approved.


The owner(s) and/or responsible parties shall comply with the following conditions of approval.

For the Life of the Project

1. On site dining and food preparation activities shall take place only within the principal structure. Portions of the site westward of the principal structure (the rear yard) may be used for raising animals or cultivation as otherwise permitted or restricted by City of Seattle codes and regulations. Adjacent right-of-ways may be used for restaurant activities as authorized in City SDOT permits. The rear yard shall be fenced, have only self closing gates, and all gates shall have signs permanently affixed stating “Private Yard, Not for Restaurant Use.”

2. Exhaust from the restaurant kitchen shall be vented and released at a point above the second story roof of the principal structure on the site. Changes to the current kitchen vent shall be undertaken pursuant to an issued DPD permit and shall be accomplished within nine months of the issuance of this MUP decision.

3. The hours of restaurant customer service shall be from 7:00 am to 10:30 pm with no food orders taken after 9:00 pm. Tables and chairs in the sidewalk shall not be used by restaurant customers after 5:00 pm and measures shall be taken, as necessary, by the restaurant operators to ensure the 5:00 pm cut off is observed.

4. Garbage and recycling bins shall be kept in an area enclosed by a fence at least six feet tall with self closing gates.

5. Amplified or live music is permitted only within the restaurant and shall be kept to a “background” level not plainly audible within surrounding residences. Plainly audible shall be defined as levels below 35 dBa measured inside surrounding properties with the windows of those surrounding buildings closed.

6. For the first two years following issuance of this permit the restaurant proprietors shall host a quarterly, weekday evening or weekend day meeting with all interested neighbors to discuss relations between the parties or other neighborhood business. The restaurant proprietors shall keep a record of the notice of meeting distributed, the method of distribution and of the names and addresses of the persons who attended each meeting.

7. Activities conducted under the authority of the restaurant use established by this permit approval shall be limited to dining oriented restaurant and coffee shop use. Commercial uses which emphasize entertainment or liquor consumption are prohibited. Wine and beer can be served only in conjunction with food orders. Hard liquor may not be served on the premises.

Signature: (signature on file) Date: September 1, 2011

Scott Kemp, Senior Land Use Planner
Department of Planning and Development
Land Use Services