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CHS: “Volunteer Park Cafe will raise chickens, expand garden.”

19 Mar
Today, CHS (aka: Capitol Hill blog) reports on VPC’s plans to expand service to include their back yard. This is the first time neighbors hear of the proposed expansion. CHS quotes the cafe’s representative, Kristen Graham, saying:
As you have probably noticed, the garden is a work in  progress. The goal is to have chickens in the garden area by April 1. VPC will have three-five hens (Buff Orpington, Rhode Island Red, Barred Rock, and Arucauna) and they will be pullets (layers under one-year). Eggs will be used for special occasion dinners, wine dinners, Sunday Summer Supper (starting in June) and special desserts.
{NOTE: Seattle’s Department of Public Development has no record of VPC filing for a zoning change or building permit for the proposed project.}