Seattle Weekly: “From the Gut: Volunteer Park Cafe Blooms in Spring.”

6 May

Jason Sheehan writes:

What’s actually going on is a massive project by Heather Earnhardt and Ericka Burke to make use of the yard behind the cafe … There’s new outdoor seating going in on a patio built from bricks reclaimed from Capitol Hill’s Packard Building. When that’s done, it’ll be set with custom chairs and tables also made from reclaimed wood, padded out with cushions made from reclaimed burlap coffee sacks and arranged around a brand new barrel BBQ made for outdoor prix fixe dinners … served at lunch and dinner.

VPC is going to be rolling out a series of Sunday Suppers: three-course family style meals served in the garden … These dinners are scheduled to start June 27, go off the last Sunday of each month, and run through the end of September.

You can read the full article here.

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