SLOG: “Volunteer Park Cafe Faces Closure Due to Neighbor Complaint.”

29 Jun

Today, Cienna Madrid posted on SLOG (the blog run by The Stranger weekly magazine):

For the past few months, Volunteer Park Cafe (VPC), a corner cafe located on 17th Avenue and E Galer Street, has been developing their vacant, weedy backyard space into a small patio with raised garden beds. Eventually, owners Ericka Burke and Heather Earnhardt planned on adding a chicken coop and a few tables for customers. “It’s basically a garden with seating for overflow,” says Earnhardt. “We wanted a few more tables for customers to sit while they wait for their coffee.”

But their plans have been put on hold after Paul Jones, their closest neighbor, complained to owners about their project. “He seemed to think we’re expanding our business, but we’re not,” Earnhardt says. “Frankly, our kitchen can’t support any more customers” … VPC owners allege that Jones hasn’t been happy with them since they moved in three years ago, and now he’s trying to get them shut down.

“He’s about the only person in the neighborhood who’s never been in the cafe—except to complain,” says Earnhardt. “He’s complained from the get-go about parking, about our compost being eaten by squirrels… ” Jones couldn’t be reached for comment.

Now what began as a fight over patio seating has turned into a battle for the entire cafe: If the DPD doesn’t grant VPC a restaurant permit, the cafe will close.

You can read the full article here.

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