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Results of meeting with neighbor.

19 Jul

Here are the agreements resulting from yesterday’s meeting between VPC owners and a neighbor.

**UPDATED SEPT. 1ST: VPC owners have still not contacted neighbors to set up a meeting.

  • VPC agreed to contact a larger group of concerned neighbors to set up a meeting, the goal being to come up with solutions.
  • While waiting for contact from VPC, neighbors would come up with reasonable mitigation tactics for the cafe to consider.
  • Tone should be one of positivity and looking forward.
  • Neighbor suggested that any communications with customers echo this sentiment.

Goal for the larger meeting:

Create with neighbors an agreed-upon set of mitigations around critical issues that would allow for neighbors’ endorsement of the land use change.


Neighbor asks VPC meet, discuss concerns.

17 Jul

Today, per her request, a neighbor met with VPC owners to discuss the concerns regarding 1) their lack of accountability in addressing neighbors’ concerns about standard operational obligations; and 2) increased impacts the cafe’s expansion will undoubtedly bring to the neighborhood.

Bike parked on neighbor’s plants.

15 Jul

For unfathomable reasons, cafe customers “park” bikes on neighbor’s plants.

DPD reports VPC filed incomplete application.

7 Jul

Today, Tom Bradrick of Seattle’s Department of Planning and Development (DPD) responded to a request for an update. Bradrick stated that on June 25, Ericka Burke filed an incomplete permit application. She was asked to return with additional documentation.

VPC misses filing deadline.

2 Jul

**Updated 9/8/10.

Yesterday, July 1st, was the deadline given by Seattle’s Department of Planning and Development (DPD) to the Volunteer Park Cafe (VPC) to file their application to change their current zoning ‘Nonconforming Use Grocery” to ‘Nonconforming Use: An Eating and Drinking Establishment.’

As of today, DPD shows no application on file. DPD has nothing to determine if VPC has dropped their plans or if they intend to file for an extension.