CHS: “Volunteer Park Cafe confident as time comes to determine if it stays on Galer.”

31 Aug
Today, reporter “seadevi” at CHS (aka: The Capitol Hill Blog) wrote:

… way back in June when the idea of a cafe suddenly finding itself operating in a development zone it isn’t supposed to be operating in sounded like a big, scary thing. Now that’s it late August, everything is coming up roses, it seems, for Volunteer Park Cafe.

CHS spoke with VPC’s Ericka Burke who confirmed that the cafe will file its change of use application in the next two weeks with DPD and is confident that they have City Hall’s support in continuing in the space where they opened their doors in January 2007.

Once the change of use application is filed, the public will have a two-week period of time to submit comments. Burke expressed confidence in VPC’s continued viability and said that Seattle’s Office of Economic Development has been working closely with her and fellow owner Heather Earnhardt in filing their change of use application.

But there are still some thorny issues to work out and the possibility that the neighbor who originally made the complaint to DPD will get litigious and bring an expensive lawyer to the table.

Despite a “compliance due” date of July 1st, DPD has continued to allow the cafe to operate and the department has said VPC will be allowed to continue operating as the public process plays out.

You can read the full article here.

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