Good Neighbor Plan: Neighbors’ proposal to VPC

11 Sep

In preparation for the meeting scheduled for Sunday, the 12th, Volunteer Park Neighbors contacted VPC owners with the following information:

Volunteer Park Neighbors would like to support the operation of a small restaurant in the building and have given thought to what constitutes a good neighbor plan.

Families known to be concerned agree to a binding commitment to support VPC’s request for change of land use  if VPC owners as well as the owner of the building also agree to a binding commitment to the following:

1.  Upgrade and maintain the building and restaurant operation in compliance with all non-discretionary state and local regulations including for example fire/safety codes, building codes, public health and liquor regulations, etc.

2.  Use best available methods to mitigate the impact on the neighborhood in areas of garbage disposal, rodent control, and odor control.

3. Keep all customer eating and drinking and food preparation (cooking. barbecuing or similar activities) inside the building and maintain hours of operation as they have been this last summer.

4.  Assure an operation that curtails noise to be no greater than that which would be occasioned by a small grocery store or a single family residence.

5.  Insofar as possible, assure that patrons and employees respect parking regulations and assure that delivery vehicles follow an agreed to parking\unloading mitigation plan.

6.  Limit all eating and drinking establishment operations, including office uses, to the ground level.

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