VPC’s website requests public support

8 Oct

Today, neighbors confirmed that VPC has gone public with their requests for letters and phone calls. On their homepage, VPC states:

YOU have the opportunity to let the city know how much we love and support the Volunteer Park Cafe. The cafe needs to change zoning from a grocery to a restaurant. YOU can make that happen …

REQUEST a formal public hearing.
Let Scott know you are a friend and/or neighbor and how much you love and need the cafe.
Let Scott know you support the zoning change to a restaurant.

Neighbors are confused as to the benefit of a public hearing, beyond stirring up a great deal of public outrage. Despite deliberate misinformation on the part VPC, neighbors have attempted to comply with the requests of sevearl City departments: document the issues and try not to cause a big ruckus.

Is should also be noted that VPC refers solely to “it’s easy” request to change zoning to a restaurant. VPC fails to mention:

  • their unwillingness to address neighbors’ legitimate concerns in what should be standard offsets (“mitigations”) any business – particularly a restaurant – should provide to the neighborhood.
  • their current illegal status: operating a full-service restaurant without first obtaining a zoning change.

Neighbors feel this public appeal exemplifies the VPC disingenuous approach to what should be their primary business concern at the moment: addressing their negative impacts on what they call their neighbors.

You can read the full request here.


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