DPD receives Parking Study requested in November.

15 Mar

The Department of Planning & Development (DPD) is reviewing a Parking Studyit requested from VPC in mid-November, 2010. The Study was dated Feb. 14, 2011, but not provided to DPD until March 15, 2011.

DPD stated it needed such a Study to compare parking impacts of the last legal use of the first floor (a small grocery that existed until about 2002) with that of the proposed use (the restaurant now operating illegally).

  • VPC’s study doesn’t attempt to compare the actual parking demand of VPC to that of the defunct grocery. Instead, the Study cites generic numbers from a guide used by parking planners.
  • This guide states that, in an urban setting, a small grocery or convenience store generates about half the parking demand of a small restaurant. This fact alone argues against legalization of restaurant use for the building.
  • The accuracy of the Study has been affected by several other factors, including that it took place in winter, when weather rarely, if ever, permitted enjoyment of 16 sidewalk seats routinely used by the restaurant in warmer months.

This Study is important to DPD’s decision regarding the legalization of Volunteer Park Café:

  • City zoning laws are supposed to protect homeowners against a big increase in the impacts caused by a business “grandfathered” into a residential neighborhood.

You can read the most recent correction notice here. The document is public record.

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